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Embodiment focused teaching and coaching for Body, Mind, & Emotional alignment to facilitate magical growth and super human abilities gifted to those who are ready to commit to a path of joy and peace. 

Production & Media

Events and projects I have produced or am currently producing.


Life Journey

AviEsther lives in The New Forest, Hampshire, UK where she works as a holistic health mystic guide. Teaching how to fully listen to, or be deeply present with, all the parts of self: mental, emotional, physical and all the associate energy bodies.  This includes relationships with creativity, inspiration, parents, ancestors, nature, elements, and spirit realms in the experience of how all these parts of one’s self relate to each other.  
AviEsther has studied tarot since 2000 and holistic therapies since 2006 starting with complimentary childbirth therapies. She has studied and worked in dance, performing & fine art, digital & video arts since 1990 and received a Bachelors in Communication Arts focusing on multi-media production in 2005 … find out about healing, click “read more” 
  • In 2012 accepted an invitation to teach these practices and has regularly run workshops and classes internationally which focus on helping people to get to the source of their personal blocks which prevent them from living fully on all levels including body, mind and spirit. By identifying blocks Avi is able to offer tools to overcome and integrate the issues which are creating imbalances within a personal, familial or social system.

    For two and a half years she worked in a voluntary role as the director of media and core administrator for NewEarth Project, a small international movement. During this time Avi Esther, studied and actively participated in all things related to full-spectrum social transformation. This included sustainable community development, bio-architecture, renewable & free energy, permaculture, natural law, health / wellbeing, arts & science, sustainable economics and other related disciplines. Avi, developed relationships with experts in these fields and is connected to many alternative media and change making networks in the hopes of inspiring greater collaborative organisation across all sectors.

    This overview barely begins to scratch the surface, if you want to know more about Avi Esther’s vast history with breeding reptile and amphibians, being a certified professional rescuer, waitress, her long history with paranormal occurrences and psychic abilities, helping babies to be born, or any of her other varied and limitless experiences – send her a message. 

Patron Angels

The generous angels I’ve had watching out for me throughout my life have enabled me to live a magical, synchronis, comfortable, creative, productive and even adventurous life which facilitates me giving to people who are in need of help. It has enabled me to teach and work with those who cannot afford to pay and learn from those whom I would otherwise not be able to.

If you feel called to be my angel and enable the creative, healing, compassionate path of peace and joy I dance along, then please follow the links below.   

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Posted by Avi Esther Shekinah on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tarot Reading Replays

Was a free facebook-live ‘comment’ hour where I answered questions and did free mini readings. All sessions are available to watch, so if you couldn’t make it live, you could send in your questions ahead of time, to be answered during the live-hour.  Click the button below to go straight to my page. 



  • Private Session

    Avi is simply fabulous at what she does, holding a perfectly safe container for whatever needs to come up and creating new possibilities (and, dare I say, even miracles) with ease and assurance. I highly recommend her!

    Alex Ward
    INOH Founder
  • tarot reading

    The reading you gave was a perfect prep for the time I'm in right now. Thank you again.

    Goa Lobaugh
  • Private Session

    Dear Avi, It was quite an incredible experience to meet you this weekend and feel your unconditional love and guidance which has changed my life and feelings about myself so profoundly. It is very difficult to find words which adequately express how remarkable you are as a person and as a guide, as any words could not do justice to the precious talent of healing and intuition that you possess. I feel that since I have seen you my life has changed forever and now I am about to embark on a wonderful journey of discovery and love for myself. For this, I will always be grateful. I would recommend you to anyone for such inestimable guidance. You possess a divine and precious gift.

    Mark Slee
  • Embodiment of Social Change Talk

    “Stimulating, incredible, educative and inspiring speech. I loved it.”

    Jason Ribble
    Web Dev and Programmer
  • Anarchy in Dating Workshop

    The whole day was a great success and Avi’s training session was definitely one of the highlights.

    Matthew Gundry
    Vice President
  • Private Session

    Since working with Avi, I feel more present and supportive of myself and others

    Nick Disiple
    traveler and seeker
  • Private Session

    Thank you for your time and guidance Through my inner journey. I am feeling much more centred and conscious of the impact I had on myself. I am aware that I have a lot of work to do to fully heal myself and I am looking forward to it. Hope you are well and in good spirit. It is an honour to have you as my guide. thank you for your dedication and courage.

    Mary Leroux
  • Birth Prep

    Thank you for working with me, I had the natural birth I wanted. I am grateful for the time you spent encouraging me and helping me know I could do it.

    Charrise Baker
    Founder of Juice Co.

Mystic Guidance Counselling

Tarot / Divination / Akashic Readings

Healing Trauma / Womb Wisdom / Spiritual Crisis


Psychic Development / Peaceful Birth Preparation

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

£77 hr / £44 half hour 
Experiencing peace in the face of not-knowing is the greatest gift one can have through life's journey. The tarot readings, AviEsther offers help to inspire this peaceful experience as they are highly insightful and solution based sessions on skype and/or in person. Each session starts with a short welcome and centring meditation followed by a conversation about what's going on in your life and what knowledge or practise would most benefit you. Readings include photos of tarot spread and a typed bullet point summary of each row.


£122 hr
Each session starts with centring and a presence practice to help bring you into the moment. Using a combination of healing techniques, ancestral, guide or spirit channelling and divination tools to move through blocks into a present and positive feeling space and mindset within your body. This is the process of learning the language of you, which enables you to open to healing and grounding yourself and your life. Each session includes a digital recording for post-session reference upon request.

Groups & Workshops

Price on Request
I run a variety of group activities and workshops, from creative play and dance to healing and guided meditation. Contact to find out more.

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I have a wide variety of experience in media and production.

Click to see my CV here —->  Media and Production CV

or send me an email love@aviesther.com


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  • Guided Meditation

    Guided Meditation

  • Sacred Ceremony - agne hotra

    Sacred Ceremony - agne hotra

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    speaking at a conference

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  • Elemental Talk

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